Getting the Most from the Ruxton Pack

Getting the Most from the Ruxton Pack

We love to hear from our customers. Along with really valuable feedback, we get to hear about some really creative “hacks” that our customers have come up with. In this post, I will share the best of them with you.

Storage of the Stylus

Inside the Ruxton Pack there is a great place to store a Stylus. I would like to say we planned this, but this design feature was a happy accident! The photo below illustrates the horizontal slot that you can use on the inside of the pack. It works well for both left or right-handed stylus users. In addition, the stylus can be secured with a lanyard. This is also illustrated in the video below at about the one-minute mark.

Ruxton and stylus

Auxiliary Battery

Using a consumer device such as an iPad in the field can be a challenge, as the battery cannot be swapped out when it runs down. Keeping the tablet plugged into an auxiliary battery is one way to ensure that you can get through your entire workday. Putting an auxiliary battery under the front cover and then running the charging cable through the same openings that the supporting lanyard passes through is a great solution.

Auxiliary pack

Attaching the Radio Holster

Our radio holsters come with a shock-cord loop to allow the Radio antenna to be secured. This video shows a great way to secure the antenna.

Add the Radio Holster Video

Cold Weather Operation

Operating consumer-grade tablet computers at temperatures below freezing is a challenge; in most cases these devices are not rated for operation at these temperatures. One of the tricks some of our customers have come up with, is to use chemical hand warmers. Securing a hand warmer to the Loop fabric on the inside of the pack is one way to ensure the tablet can keep operating in cold weather.

Attaching Your Own Accessories to the Harness

Our harness is designed to facilitate the attachment of MOLLE-compatible accessories. However, if you have a pouch or holster that is not MOLLE-compatible, you can likely still attach it with some creativity. Tie Straps are a great way to do this. The photos below show the attachment of a knife sheath to the staves on the harness. Pass the Tie Straps through the belt loop on the knife sheath and then wrap them around the stave.

Ruxton Pack hack

Ruxton Pack hack

If you have come up with a unique “hack” that you would like to share, please send us some photos and a description so we can share it!

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