Introducing our Newest US Pacific Northwest Dealer – Anatum GeoMobile Solutions

Introducing our Newest US Pacific Northwest Dealer – Anatum GeoMobile Solutions

I was first introduced to Anatum GeoMobile Solutions when I was searching for information regarding the performance of GPS units in a variety of forest conditions. One of the most comprehensive articles I found was a blog post on Anatum’s website. For GPS users, these blog posts are a great resource and we have yet to see anyone else complete as comprehensive a test.

Anatum is focused on providing customers with Bluetooth-enabled GPS Units that work well with any phone or tablet computer. They also offer laser range finders for forestry and utility applications. In addition to selling these devices, Anatum also rents complete packages of equipment – something I think that fills a void in the services offered by most dealers. Rentals typically include an EOS Arrow GPS and a field-ready iPad.

Anatum’s VP of Sales, Matt Alexander, has worked as a GPS professional conducting surveys all over the United States for decades. Because of this field experience, he could see the value of our Ruxton Packs for field users of tablets paired with a GPS receiver. They are now offering a kit that includes an EOS Arrow GPS, an Antenna Pole, and a mounting system to attach the pole to the chest pack harness.

Learn more about the Anatum Arrow 100 Chest Pack »

The way I see it, is that what Anatum is really offering with these Bluetooth-enabled GPS units is mobile GIS. With a GPS unit paired to tablet computer, users can now make the transition from just collecting GPS data to interacting with GIS data. With the use of an app like ESRI Collector, field users can now update GIS data with reliable, centimeter-level data, in near real time.

If you want to learn more, please contact the experts at Anatum GeoMobile Solutions: Visit Anatum

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